Farmers are starting to change practice to hedge against #ClimateChange #ActOnCimate

Here’s an interview with Laura Lengnick from KUNC (Luke Runyon). Click through and read the whole article. Here’s an excerpt:

Our changing climate presents a unique challenge to our food system. Soil scientist Laura Lengnick says she has some tools that could help farmers and ranchers deal with the risks. She’s a small farmer herself and a longtime sustainable agriculture researcher.

Lengnick’s most recent book, “Resilient Agriculture,” lays out case studies of farmers across the country who are adopting practices meant to hedge against the hotter temperatures and more erratic precipitation climate change will bring. She profiles a handful of Colorado farmers and ranchers making changes already.

The idea is meant to challenge the concept of “sustainability,” which Lengnick says is a “20th century idea.” Sustainability, she says, takes too many things for granted, while resilient practices help farmers adjust to a changing climate and economy.

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