San Diego resurrects #ColoradoRiver pipeline project analysis #COriver

Colorado River Aqueduct via Wikipedia

From (Ry Rivard):

The San Diego County Water Authority, tired of paying a middle man to deliver water from hundreds of miles away, is starting to cast out for ideas once written off as laughable.

One board member has even suggested San Diego may consider building a pipeline of its own to the Colorado River.

The pipeline would give the Water Authority a chance to accomplish a long-held goal: breaking a monopoly held by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the region’s largest water supplier and the owner of the only physical connection San Diego has to the Colorado River.

But it would be among the most expensive, disruptive and ambitious projects ever built in the region. That it would even be discussed reveals how intense the rivalry between the Water Authority and Metropolitan has become.

For years, Water Authority leaders have argued Metropolitan charges too much to deliver Colorado River water to San Diego. If the Water Authority had its own pipeline, it wouldn’t have to pay Metropolitan’s delivery fees, which may amount to $6 billion in coming decades.

That and other disputes with Metropolitan have driven an increasingly wide range of discussions at the Water Authority about what it can do to become “water independent.” In the latest sign of how far officials might go, Water Authority board leaders are asking the agency to consider “any and all options” to increase water reliability and hold down costs.

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