#ColoradoSprings: Dry September water bills surprise some rate payers

From KOAA (Lena Howland):

Unusually high water bills have started to roll in for several folks in Colorado Springs for the month of September.

Colorado Springs Utilities says there are no leaks and no issues with their meters, it simply comes down to a matter of consumption and usage per household.

But many homeowners in the Stetson Hills neighborhood say that’s just not the case and they haven’t made any changes all summer.

“We got our bill and it was $460,” Stephanie Gordon, a Colorado Springs rate payer said…

So News 5 took these concerns straight to Colorado Springs Utilities.

“We take them seriously, we look into them, we investigate them, we checked out all of our billing and metering functionalities and our systems are working correctly so there is no reason to believe that we have billing errors on our side,” Eric Isaacson, a spokesperson for Colorado Springs Utilities said.

They say it’s likely an issue of consumption which could be to blame on the weather.

“When you see that hot, dry, spell come in for a little while, and you increase, if you do turn on your sprinkler system again, yeah it’s going to be a bit of a jump, you’re going to see that because it’s reflected in what you’re using,” Isaacson said.

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