Colorado Ag Water Alliance tour recap

Straight line diagram of the Lower Arkansas Valley ditches via Headwaters

From the Ag Journal (Candace Krebs):

[Kevin] Niles was among more than 40 participants who attended a recent Colorado Ag Water Alliance tour in hopes of taking home new ideas.

He was particularly interested in learning about conservation techniques his farmer-members could use to help conserve well use.

Water planners and conservationists from outside of the region also participated in the tour.

Beverly Richards, who works for the Gunnison Water Conservancy, knows the ample water supplies in her district would be the envy of most farmers in Eastern Colorado. Still, she sees competition for water increasing downstream in the Grand Valley and beyond and wants to prepare the district for the drought years that are sure to come.

In fact, the district has started writing a water plan, modeled on the state planning exercise that was completed a couple of years ago.

Richards said by coming to a region where water is already scarce, she hoped get some ideas about how to work collaboratively to address future water allocation…

Carla Hendrickson and Ian Hartley didn’t have far to travel. They are both from Pueblo West.

While involved in various boards and community organizations, they said what drew them was a personal quest to better understand the state’s water issues…

Her grandfather was an engineer for Denver Water and helped to build some of the early transfer tunnels that supply the city. Fast-forward to today, and she’s interested in learning about household conservation practices like gray-water storage and reuse…

Several participants said they were hoping to bridge what they see as an urban-rural divide.

“I have a lot of interaction with urban water users, but I want to develop better messaging so that I can talk to my audience about what farmers are doing,” said Kristin Green, the Front Range field manager for Conservation Colorado, based in Denver.

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