“The planet is getting warmer and we are the cause” — Mike Nelson #ActOnClimate

From TheDenverChannel.com (Mike Nelson):

California burning, Category 5 hurricanes, extreme heatwaves, coral reefs dying, king tides flooding coastal cities. Global warming is changing our world and making these events more common and more extreme.

It is not fake news, it is the reality of basic thermodynamics — when HEAT is added, it gets WARMER!

The problem is SIMPLE (see last sentence).

The problem is SERIOUS — a global threat multiplier (climate refugees, loss of coral reefs, sea level rise, terrorism, severe storms, drought and floods).

The problem is SOLVABLE — the cost of renewable energy is dropping so quickly that nearly every forecast of the increase of solar and wind energy is way too conservative.

We can and will develop the technologies that will enable us to POWER FORWARD with clean, renewable energy. The Age of Carbon is being replaced by The Age of Silicon!

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