Two Years In: Funding Colorado’s Water Plan

Your Water Colorado Blog

By Larry Morandi

In a previous job working with state legislatures, I taped a cartoon on my wall that served as guidance to evaluate policy. It showed Moses descending the mount in a thunderstorm with the tablets held high over his head. As he reached the valley below, he turned, looked back over his shoulder and said, “But what about implementation?”

CWPimplementation The banner on the water plan website calls for public involvement with implementing the plan.

Implementation often means dollars. Colorado’s Water Plan proposes to raise $100 million annually beginning in 2020—$3 billion by 2050. Part of that funding includes Colorado’s Water Plan Grant Program created by the Colorado General Assembly in 2017, the first revenue stream dedicated specifically to help achieve the water plan’s measurable objectives.

House Bill 1248—the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s (CWCB) Project’s Bill—allocated $9 million to CWCB in fiscal year 2018 to support structural and non-structural…

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