Poudre River Forum recap

Cache la Poudre River watershed via the NRCS

From The Greeley Tribune (Trevor Reid);

One way water experts make progress is through collaboration, a key theme in Friday’s presentations and discussions at the fifth annual Poudre River Forum at the Island Grove Events Center, 501 N. 14th Ave. But working together isn’t always easy…

Even in the world of water experts, facts and evidence will often grab the attention of only the people whose biases are confirmed by the evidence. We learn in ways that don’t simply confirm our biases, Carcasson said, when we have genuine conversations with people we respect.

Ruth Quade, coordinator for Greeley’s Water Conservation program, said she’s worked with others her entire career in water conservation. Yet Carcasson’s presentation still rang true to Quade…

A panel of speakers highlighted some collaborations in the world of Colorado water: how state officials work with local water authorities to plan for water needs on a statewide scale, how the Fort Collins Water Utility worked with nearby water districts and more.

Kerri Rollins, manager of the Larimer County Open Space program, garnered the most questions after her presentation on a deal between the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources and the city and county of Broomfield. Larimer officials purchased a farm and its water rights southwest of Berthoud in 2016. They hoped to keep the farm in production, while offsetting costs through a water-sharing agreement. In August 2017, the alternative transfer method was finalized.

The agreement helps provide drought water to cities without the dichotomy that comes with “buy and dry” operations, where farms are permanently dried up. Rollins said the agreement was the first of its kind to share water from agricultural use to municipal use.

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