Poem: “Silos are for storing grain in” — Greg Hobbs

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Silos are for storing grain in

Empty waits the harvest
feed trains chuggin’ up

Load ‘em up! Load ‘em up!

Load ‘em up Sally!
Load ‘em up Billy!

Winter’s comin’ in
winter’s comin’ in
trains are chuggin’ up

Chicago, South Bend, Philly!

Set them tables up
gather in your kin
set them tables up

Silos are for storing grain
stirrin’ ladles in
stirrin’ ladles in

Light them candles up
light them candles up

Chicago, South Bend, Philly
load ‘em up Sally
load ‘em up Billy!

Silos never filled
silos never emptied

Can never feed the people
can never feed the people.

Greg Hobbs 4/14/2018

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