Raindrop formation in turbulent clouds is observed at long last — Physics World

Greg Hobbs In the Upper South Platte Watershed looking towards Windy Peak and the Kenoshas 9/12/2017

Click here to read the paper. Here’s the abstract:

An aeroplane-mounted 3D imaging system has been used to show that turbulence causes water droplets in clouds to cluster together. The long-predicted effect has been confirmed by scientists in the US and Germany who found that droplets group together in clouds in ways that would not be expected if they were randomly distributed. The clustering may have an impact on rainfall, particularly in highly turbulent clouds, but the researchers say more data is needed to confirm this.

Click here to read the paper, “Fine-Scale Droplet Clustering in Atmospheric Clouds: 3D Radial Distribution Function from Airborne Digital Holography.”

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