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Glen Canyon Rediscovered — @AmericanRivers #ColoradoRiver #COriver #aridification

Sand and silt are piling up on the Colorado River above Lake Powell, as water levels continue to fall due to persistent drought and encroaching aridification. Water managers from San Diego to Wyoming are working to find ways to keep the river’s reservoirs, and water delivery systems, functioning.

From American Rivers:

Glen Canyon Rediscovered chronicles a 350-mile, sea-kayak-based journey to the remote and lost wonders of Glen Canyon, the “place no one knew.” As a result of climate change and an over-tapped Colorado River, Lake Powell is receding and the intricate side canyons, resurrected desert beauty, and forgotten cultural wonders of Glen Canyon are emerging from the depths of the reservoir.

The film investigates the history of Lake Powell’s creation and explores the young teams’ relationship to the changed world of Glen Canyon as it seeks to inspire other young people to pursue adventure and take an active role in managing and conserving their natural resources.