In 2018, we worked to protect the arid West’s greatest natural resource: WATER – for birds and people — @Audubon

Every March, thousands of Sandhill cranes stop in #GreatSandDunes National Park & Preserve on their way to their northern breeding grounds. The fields and wetlands of #Colorado’s San Luis Valley provide excellent habitat for these majestic #birds. With the dunes and mountains nearby, they dance and call to each other. It’s one of nature’s great spectacles. Photo @greatsanddunesnps by #NationalPark Service.

From Audubon (Karyn Stockdale). Here’s an excerpt:

This year, despite another year of extraordinary drought and policy challenges, we had a tremendous year for Audubon’s Western Water work. Together, with your support, bird-watchers engaged in our first Western Rivers Bird Count and worked with conservation NGOs, government agencies, hunter/angler partners, and others in order to avoid catastrophic water shortages on the Colorado River

In Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper proposed $30 million to implement Colorado’s Water Plan and also declared 2018 the Year of the Bird in the Centennial State noting the importance of the Colorado River. Audubon Rockies and the community showed up for restoration projects, public meetings, and said no to Amendment 74 which would have had negative implications for water.

Save the birds and save the planet.

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