Job opportunity: Water Resources Engineer, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Great blue heron, Jackson Lake. Photo credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife, December 2017.

From email from Karlyn Armstrong:

Would you be able/willing to post this on Coyote Gulch? This is the next generation of Bahman’s position (he is retiring). It should be a good gig!


Karlyn Armstrong, P.E.

Click here for the job description and to apply.


This position maintains primary statewide responsibility to plan, manage, evaluate, and oversee the acquisition, administration, protection, and use of water resources associated with the statewide system of 42 state parks and the recreational uses of these water resources in cooperation with the larger CPW Water Resources Section (WRS) and the regional offices. This position also will have primary responsibility to address water resource and water rights engineering needs associated with the statewide hatcheries system in cooperation with the WRS and the Hatcheries Section.

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