Park County Commissioners restrict Land and Water Trust Fund board members to those without water expertise — The Fairplay Flume

From The Fairplay Flume (Lynda James):

After the third 10-year voter approval of the county one-percent sales tax was passed, Park County commissioners voted Jan. 24 to eliminate any person on the Land and Water Trust Fund board who owns or administers water rights.

The specific language in Section 3(e) of the 2019 resolution reads “No member of the board shall be a member of the governing body, employee, agent or representative of any public or private entity engaged in acquiring, operating or maintaining water rights, water systems, water structures or water augmentation plans, or shall otherwise have a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest in relation to his or her service on the board.”

Two current members, Dan Drucker and County Manager Tom Eisenman, work for entities that own and administer water rights and associated augmentation plan.

The resolution did not address when the two would be removed, immediately or when their terms expire.

One exception to the new rule is that a member of family-owned ranches and farms with water rights may still be appointed to the LWTF board…

The 2019 change was made “to prohibit people from serving on the board that may not have the best interest of Park County in mind, but are serving other water organizations with their own water interests,” Commissioner Dick Elsner told The Flume…

The 2019 resolution added that all members must be registered to vote in Park County.

Elsner said the requirement was to make sure Park County people are making the decision on how to spend Park County money.

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