#Snowpack news: East Slope diverter @CSUtilities hopes to fill storage after severe #drought in 2018 #ColordoRiver #COriver

Colorado statewide basin-filled snowpack map March 8, 2019.

From KRDO.com (Chase Golightly):

While things seem chaotic in the North West, Colorado Springs and Pueblo could reap the benefits as winter moves out.

The planning supervisor for water conservation at Colorado Springs Utilities Kalsoum Abbasi says all this snowfall in our area and especially on the western slope where Colorado Springs gets 60 percent of it’s water, is comforting. Especially after last years drought. “It’s definilty a relief to see a lot more snow pack than last year,” Abbasi says, “last year at this time things didn’t look so great so.”

With more water coming in, Springs Utilities is able to fill its 25 reservoirs. Preparing us for the upcoming dry months, knowing there will be enough water to get us through it. Abbasi says, “It’s nice to have a recovery year where we are seeing the snowpack increase and we can refill our reservoirs and know that we are going to go into the summer in really good shape.”

The rain and snow hopefully helping to reduce fire danger as well.

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