Judge Matsch pauses #ColoradoSprings #stormwater lawsuit until April 12, 2019

Colorado Springs with the Front Range in background. Photo credit Wikipedia.

From The Colorado Springs Gazette (Conrad Swanson):

Colorado Springs and the four parties suing the city now have an extra month to either settle a longstanding lawsuit over federal stormwater permit violations or agree how to continue the case in court.

U.S. District Judge Richard P. Matsch in December ordered the case paused until this month so the parties could find common ground. The lawsuit was to restart last week, but Matsch extended the break by more than a month.

Now the parties have until April 12 to agree on next steps, or the case goes back to court.

The request for a break in the case came from the plaintiffs — the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Pueblo County and the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District — after Matsch ruled that Colorado Springs violated federal stormwater regulations at three development sites.

One thought on “Judge Matsch pauses #ColoradoSprings #stormwater lawsuit until April 12, 2019

  1. Tick Tick Tick April 9th 2019
    Friday is April 12th 2019
    Tick Tick Tick ⏳⏳ 👺👺👺👺👺
    The EPA Lawsuit is about:
    ((( Only Three Projects in Colorado Springs out of Hundreds that are yet to be addressed,
    After decades of Violations,
    When are they i.e. The City Planning on addressing the rest of the???
    Will it take more Lawsuits to see justice on them too,
    Then what???.
    My feelings are the Squeeky Wheels will get the Grease $$$
    Cottonwood Creek and all the housing projects that that the City Public Works Department and their Approveals for Dumping Developed Flow Stormwater off housing Developments and Streets those Streets should be called Reo’s
    Like Tutt Reo and Cowpoke Reo,
    And on it goes,
    The City gave all the Developers A pass now who gets to pay for all the damages,

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