Rocky Mountain Field Conservancy unveils world of coyotes, March 23, 2019

Now for some news we can really get behind here at Coyote Gulch.

From The Boulder Daily Camera (Beau Wilson) via The Longmont Times-Call:

The Rocky Mountain Field Conservancy is holding an introductory course on the behavior, biology, anatomy and histories of the coyote on Mar. 23.

Participants of this field class will observe and walk through coyote habitat in Rocky Mountain National Park. The class will be a full day event, while walks through meadows will be brief and on mostly even terrain.

The class instructor, Jared Gricoskie, said it’s an opportunity to “explore the natural history of North America’s second largest canine, Native American stories, coyote discovery by Lewis and Clark, and the animal’s expansion to the East,” and much more.

Gricoskie owns and operates Yellow Wood Guiding in Estes Park, a guiding service that specializes in nature tours and photo safaris in Rocky Mountain National Park.

To register for “Coyotes: The Song Dogs of the West” or for more information on the Field Institute, call the Rocky Mountain Conservancy Field Institute at 970-586-3262, or visit the website at

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