Please Share This When I’m Killed by Someone Driving a Car — Phil Gaimon

From Phil Gaimon

Cyclists: I made this video a few months ago and was waiting for a good time to share it, but there won’t be a good time. There’ve been some deaths in New York City that hit close to home, with the usual poor response from media and police. I love riding a bike and I think everyone should do it but I’m also scared and I’m angry, and I’m injured now and feeling particularly vulnerable about getting back on the road in a few weeks. I don’t want to scare you out of riding, but we’re all this together and at some point I just have to put this out there.

Motorists: please understand that I hate being in your way far more than you do. It’s your convenience but it’s my life. Support protected bike lanes and infrastructure and we’re all better off. Every cyclists or scooter or pedestrian you see is a taxpaying human being with loved ones just trying to go about their business, and we have to work together and coexist.

Filming and editing by Jonathan Hyla:

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