Can #Colorado help in the #climatecrisis? Congressional committee comes to state seeking guidance — The Denver Post

Screen shot from the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis August 3, 2019.

From The Denver Post (Bruce Finley):

he U.S. Congress Climate Crisis Committee came to Colorado this week seeking guidance for a new national push to reduce the heat-trapping air pollution that worsens global warming — boosting the state’s position as a center for innovative action.

Members of this select committee and staffers explored energy research labs for two days. They quizzed scientists at work on accelerating a shift off fossil fuels to lower-cost wind and solar electricity.

And on Thursday the lawmakers held their first formal field hearing in a jam-packed courtroom at the University of Colorado law school, repeatedly asking state and city leaders how best the federal government could weigh in…

Gov. Jared Polis testified first, telling the lawmakers climate change poses “the existential threat” that in Colorado is affecting water supply, food production and a recreation industry that needs healthy forests. State agencies are girding for “a hotter, drier, more erratic future,” Polis said, and summarized work “to accelerate the retirement of costly coal assets” that pump out heat-trapping carbon dioxide.

Bold federal action “is more than just a moral imperative,” Polis said. “We also have an economic imperative to lead the global clean energy revolution.”

Colorado still relies on coal as the source for 52% of the electricity people use. However, gradual phasing out of coal-fired power plants, initiated by voters 15 years ago, has begun to reduce carbon dioxide…

Persuading the rest of Congress, under a Trump administration that frowns on utterances of the words “climate change,” looms as a political challenge.

4 thoughts on “Can #Colorado help in the #climatecrisis? Congressional committee comes to state seeking guidance — The Denver Post

  1. Climate change is a concern, but not to the degree of lunacy that the Democrats project. Fear Mongering will not do it, neither will sweeping it under the carpet or ignoring it. Colorado, like Michigan has poisoned the well and refuse to cleanup their mess. PFA or PFOA, like PBB, COSTS major money in Healthcare and Cleanups. It is a Pandoras Box with no magic wands or silver bullets. God help us all…..

    • Someone is misleading you if you don’t think urgency is necessary to deal with climate change. Please read the, “Summary for Policymakers of IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C approved by governments,” from the IPCC released last October. After you read it think about the motivation behind the folks that are misleading you. From you comment about Democrats I bet you are getting your information from those that want to perpetuate Republican power. You’re welcome to come back by and comment after you’ve read what the IPCC has to say.

      John Orr

      • Do you have any idea how many times I have watched this phenomenon since 1952….Do your own thinking and research….if you want to do something…try getting Michigan off its lazy butt and compensate those that were poisoned in 1973 PBB Fiasco…it licensed the Company, its incompetent handling of the situation and 90 percent of the State was poisoned…and stop Gaslighting the population.

      • Sorry, I was trying to engage you regarding the urgency of fighting climate change. It was your statement, “Climate change is a concern, but not to the degree of lunacy that the Democrats project,” that I commented about.

        And no, I don’t know what work you’ve been doing since 1952 because I don’t know who you are.

        If you’d like to engage about climate change and the need for urgent worldwide government and corporate action I am happy to do so.

        John Orr

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