The Science of Soil Health: Cycle, Re-cycle, Repeat — @USDA_NRCS #CarbonCycle #ActOnClimate

Movement of carbon between land, atmosphere, and ocean in billions of tons per year. Yellow numbers are natural fluxes, red are human contributions, white are stored carbon. The effects of volcanic and tectonic activity are not included. By Diagram adapted from U.S. DOE, Biological and Environmental Research Information System. –, Public Domain,

Carbon’s journey through the soil powers life as we know it

As global temperatures rise, there’s growing interest in getting carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) out of the atmosphere and getting carbon into the soil.

But what form does that carbon take and how, exactly, does the cycling process work? In the first episode of season three’s The Science of Soil Health, Dr. Will Brinton provides a brief, yet holistic explanation about this living and life-giving process. After you watch this four-minute video, you’ll never think of the soil carbon cycle the same way again.

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