Denver: Colorado Delegation to the US Water Summit meeting, November 5, 2019

Auraria Campus. (Photo by Casey A. Cass/University of Colorado)

From email from Paul Lander:

In one week, on November 5th, at 1pm on the Metro State Campus in downtown Denver (Student Success Building, Room 440A) there will be a meeting of the budding Colorado Delegation to the US Water Summit. PLEASE join us.

Delegations have an opportunity to create a framework for facilitating deeper engagement among water professionals, and also with the communities they serve, working toward an equitable water future.

For more information, check out : []

This is a completely all-volunteer effort. To focus the first year’s work, in our 1 previous meeting, we have looked at following the process of the city and county of Denver as they craft a ‘One Water’ future, where all water providers more regularly, and effectively, interact, to deliver more service, and more resiliency.

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