@ColoradoClimate: Weekly #Climate, #Water and #Drought Assessment of the Intermountain West

Click here to read the current assessment. Click here to go to the NIDIS website hosted by the Colorado Climate Center. Here’s the summary:

Summary: February 25, 2020

Some parts of the Intermountain West received good amount of precipitation last week. Most of Arizona received over half an inch. This half inch plus of moisture also extended into western New Mexico and southern and central Utah. Parts of Colorado mountains saw between a quarter to half an inch as well. A decent storm on the eastern plains dropped half an inch over Kiowa and surrounding counties in eastern CO – which is about what their monthly average is for February. Northwest Utah, most of Wyoming, northeast Colorado, and eastern New Mexico were dry or received less than a tenth of an inch.

Temperature in the northern half of the IMW were colder than average and a little bit warmer to the south. Overall, a lot of February has been a bit cool for the IMW. Snowpack is still in good condition, with the northern basins well over the median for snowpack at this time of year. The central UT mountains, the San Juans, and the southern mountains in Arizona are a bit lower on snowpack, hovering near normal to slightly below normal.

The outlook for the next week shows a continued active pattern with moisture expected for most of the IMW. Higher mountain areas should see more than inch of precipitation with more spotty accumulations expected in the lower elevations. The cold air currently over the region should move out as warm temperatures move in for the weekend, ahead of the next cold air mass early next week.

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