Snowpack news: This winter could be the seventh-driest ever for Summit County

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From the Summit County Voice (Bob Berwyn):

At the Dillon site, where Denver Water measures snowfall and temperatures, observers reported .66 inches of precipitation in March — less than half the long-term average (1.44 inches). Normal snowfall for March at the Dillon site is 22 inches, this year, 15 inches. The biggest single measurable snowfall was 5 inches on March 27. Temperatures recorded in Dillon were much closer to the historic norms, with the average daily high for the months at 39.6 degrees (normal, 39 degrees) and the daily average minimum temperature at 7.4 degrees (normal, 7.6 degrees)…

In Breckenridge, long-time weather watcher Rick Bly recorded 18.8 inches of snow in March compared to the historic average of 2.5 inches, or about 73 percent of average. That snow melted down to 1.58 inches of water, about 82 percent of the historic average 1.91 inches. For the weather year to-date, which started Oct. 1, 2009, precip at Bly’s weather station totals 7.62 inches of precipitation, compared to the historic average 9.1 inches. Bly has tallied 98.2 inches of snow, 78 percent of the average 127 inches for the year-to-date. But that’s still a little ahead of 2001-2002, the last major drought year, when he recorded 87 inches of snow at this point in the winter…

For our snowpack, that all translates to a 76 percent of average reading in the Blue River Basin, said water commissioner Scott Hummer. For the entire Colorado River Basin, the snowpack was 78 percent of normal as of April 2. “We’re still behind the eight-ball. “We’d need nine times the average amount of snow (in April) to hit the peak,” Hummer said.

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