South Platte Basin Roundable: Northern Integrated Supply Project presentation

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From the Sterling Journal Advocate (Judy Debus):

Brian Werner of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District gave an update on the status and the scope of projects and processes that have been identified by the roundtables. “We’re living on people that fought for the systems and infrastructure that we benefit from today — 50, 60 and 75, 80, 90 years ago, we are living on today,” he said. “It’s been decades since we’ve done much in terms of water infrastructure in northern Colorado.”[…]

There are 33 cities and towns that get at least part of their water from the Big Thompson Project, and the need is to find out how to add to that without drying up all the agriculture land. “Even if all the proposals we have on the board were completed, there is still going to be a gap out there,” he said. At this time, most of the projects being considered will take many years to complete and there is more pressure on the ag water supplies.

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