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From The Denver Post (Scott Willoughby):

The typically tranquil Gore Creek, for example, shot up from a mere 450 cubic feet per second at its primary USGS measuring station Thursday to a whopping 1,300 cfs by midnight the next day. That’s nearly triple the flow coming down a creek that begins and ends above 8,000 feet…

“I’m afraid we may not have reached the high-flow period yet,” USGS Colorado spokeswoman Heidi Koontz told The Denver Post on Sunday. “Typically, the high-flow period comes in the middle of June.”[…]

Kayakers converged along the Arkansas over the weekend as Buena Vista christened a pair of new man-made whitewater waves during the annual CKS Paddlefest. The show then moved to Steamboat Springs for the Paddling Life Pro Invitational on Fish Creek and the Yampa River on Monday. Boaters in both places were greeted by a spike of about 1,000 cfs over the course of just a few days, enough to put most paddlers on red alert. Meanwhile, the reputation of the 3-year-old wave park on the Colorado River at Glenwood Springs continued to swell among river surfers, with as many as 15 board surfers lining up among the throng of kayakers waiting to ride the wave on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Roughly 25 more showed up to compete in the second annual Whitewater Stand Up Paddle Surfing Championships held there Monday. As the calendar reaches river season statewide, organizers of the Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Salida’s annual FIBArk Festival, the Lyons Outdoor Games on the St. Vrain, Animas River Days in Durango and the Gunnison River Festival in between are excited to showcase their local treasures and share them with the world.

From (Rachel Welte):

The National Weather Service in Pueblo said Monday sections of the [Arkansas River] are less than a foot away from flood stage, sitting at 8.6 feet…

“If you can imagine 3,000 basketballs going by any given point in the river at any time, that is about the volume of flow we are running, so that is a lot of water,” Tony Keenan said.

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