2010 Governor’s race

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John Hickenlooper was in Fort Morgan drumming up support recently. Here’s a report from John La Porte writing for The Fort Morgan Times. From the article:

Denver used to be a bully on water, holding senior rights, Hickenlooper said, but other areas running out of or low on water adversely affect everyone`s property values: “We`re joined at the hip.” He added, “It`s not Denver`s water. It`s our water. It`s Colorado`s water.” White-water rafting and other water-related recreation, ranching and fresh food from the plains are all part of what makes life in Denver and Colorado attractive, Hickenlooper said. “Denver has a vested interest in the success of the rest of the state,” he declared.

More coverage from the Sterling Journal Advocate (Judy Debus). From the article:

“Metro Denver has to convince the rest of the state that we care about their water and we are not going to ask them for another drop unless we absolutely, absolutely need it,” he said. “As I go around the state, according to people I’ve talked to; I am the first mayor in history of Colorado that has actually cut for that specific reason, to make sure that they have extra water and that we don’t imperil the rural areas.”

More 2010 Colorado elections coverage here.

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