Fryingpan-Arkansas Project update

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From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

Last night’s projection that we would begin utilizing the spillway in mid-morning is being realized. At about 10 a.m., Ruedi Reservoir hit its full elevation. A minimal amount of water is anticipated to flow over the spillway in the coming hours and increase throughout the day. We expect as much as 100 cfs over the spillway by tonight. By utilizing the spillway in conjuction with both the power plant and the dam outlet works, we will be able to maintain a total release of approximately 750 cfs through today, tonight and likely into tomorrow. With the contributions of the Rocky Fork still running at about 50 cfs, the gage on the Fryingpan below Ruedi Dam will read around 800 cfs.

It is probably interesting to note that a week ago at this time, operators of reservoirs along the Colorado River were concerned upper basin reservoirs, including Ruedi, would not fill. This last week of run-off has been a surprise to all watching the gages and keeping an eye on the forecast. What started as a less than average snowpack (only 70%-80% of average across the Colorado River Basin, including the Fryingpan Basin) has now resulted in full and spilling reservoirs.

The upcoming forecast for the weekend currently includes cool temperatures and the possibility of snow in higher elevations. However, if we see a continuation of the heat through today into tomorrow, it is possible our total releases from Ruedi Dam will increase.

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