Flaming Gorge pipeline: Poudre School District is considering a water rights buy from Aaron Million’s pipeline

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From the Fort Collins Coloradoan (Bobby Magill):

PSD irrigates many of its lawns with water from nearby irrigation canals or ditches. The district currently “rents” or leases much of that raw, or untreated, water from the city of Fort Collins and Colorado State University, said Jim Sarchet, PSD assistant superintendent of business services…

When the district rents irrigation water, it means PSD has the right to use that water for a year. City officials want to replace an existing water rental contract with the district requiring it to pay $6,500 per acre-foot for the water, according to PSD Board of Education documents.

District officials decided to reconsider when an opportunity arose recently to buy hard-to-get and less expensive water rights from Million Agricultural Investments Ltd., owned by Fort Collins entrepreneur Aaron Million…

PSD would pay Million about $5,200 per acre-foot for permanent rights to irrigation water from Pleasant Valley and Lake Canal Co. The PSD board approved the measure at its June 8 meeting, but Million said Friday no contract for the water has been signed yet. “Water rights continue to be a premium,” Sarchet said. “The cost of water per acre-foot has done nothing but go up. This is an investment not just in next year, but the future in the district.”

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