Runoff news: South Platte River levels still on the high side near Kersey

A picture named soplatteapril09

The Denver Metro area sends a lot of stormwater to Kersey and points north at times. Click on the thumbnail graphic to the right for a shot of the South Platte River near Kersey in April ’09. Here’s the link to the Kersey station. At 6:30 p.m. 12,100 cfs was rushing by.

From The Greeley Tribune:

Residents along the South Platte River from Greeley to east of Kersey moved their families and animals to higher ground as the river continued to rise from all the recent rain…

The Poudre and South Platte river converge just west of Kersey, and both rivers were high today, causing some residents to leave their homes. Janelle Gill, whose family lives along Weld County Road 388 north of Kersey, temporarily moved across the road to a house offered by a neighbor. They were up most of the night Sunday as floodwaters rose. “We moved the chickens, turkeys and goats into horse trailers because the barn and chicken houses were flooding,” Gill said. “The water in the barn is three feet deep.”

From (Dominic Garcia):

The National Weather Service says a flood warning is in effect until Monday afternoon but the river is expected to fall below floodstage by the evening.

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