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There has been a bit of controversy around Scott McInnis’ fellowship with the Hassan Family Foundation and the series of articles on land use and water that he contracted with the foundation to write. He made reference to the series on a recent radio program but no one had copies of the articles to distribute to the media. Ed Quillen mentioned the writing gig in his column in The Denver Post on June 3 asking, “Who is the best-paid writer in Colorado?” The answer:

Scott McInnis, a Republican candidate for governor. He received approximately $150,000 from the Hassan Family Foundation, for which, as he explained on a radio program, “I wrote a series of in-depth articles on water” that “could be used in a series for education on water in Colorado.”

I follow water stuff fairly closely, and I never saw the work. Jason Salzman, former media critic for the Rocky Mountain News, talked to everybody who might have reasonably encountered this hydrologic epic, and came up empty; McInnis’ office did not respond to his questions.

So $150,000 divided by zero disseminated words works out to something like infinity. Thus, Scooter must be the best-paid writer in our state. And if he doesn’t get elected governor, I want to engage him as my literary agent, since he knows how to cut some sweet deals.

Over the weekend the foundation posted (http://www.hasanfamilyfoundation.com/PDF/mcinnis.pdf) the articles. I read through them yesterday evening and all in all they are a good read. Of course readers understand that I’m a bit obsessed with Colorado water issues so I like a lot of arcane stuff. There are no sources cited for the most part so its hard to know the accuracy of his facts. He’s consistent in his message, bashing government and the Bureau of Reclamation specifically. He embraces the development of water and other resources and laments all the possible mineral mother lodes locked up by wilderness designation. He demonstrates a good understanding of water issues and the history behind Colorado’s present situation.

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