Great Outdoors Colorado Grant to be used to preserve open space near Prewitt Reservoir

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From the Sterling Journal Advocate:

The Colorado Great Outdoors (GOCO) Board has awarded Colorado Open Lands (COL) $452,043 for the Prewitt Reservoir Conservation project in Logan and Washington counties. COL will purchase conservation easements over two adjacent ranches covering 4,370 acres in the South Platte River Corridor in northwest Washington and southwest Logan Counties. The ranches lie between Prewitt Reservoir and Interstate 76 and serve as large areas of open space that provide highly scenic views of the reservoir and a rural landscape to travelers along I-76. They both support local agriculture, with one as a self-contained cattle ranch and alfalfa farm and the other leased annually for seasonal grazing. Due to their proximity to Prewitt Reservoir and the Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area, both properties provide important wildlife habitat for white-tailed dear and waterfowl and create a contiguous protected area of almost 7,400 acres. Water on one ranch is provided by seep from the reservoir and the landowner intends to acquire additional water rights for wetlands improvements in the future. The other ranch has two adjudicated irrigation wells that will be tied to the land with easement.

The South Platte River Basin is being threatened by demand for water for Front Range cities and other residential development and 94 percent of the corridor is still unprotected.

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