State Engineer directs Reclamation to release recent precipitation gains from Bonny Reservoir

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From the Yuma Pioneer (Tony Rayl):

Bonny Lake State Park saw its level increase by nearly 5,000 acre feet this past week due to a couple of significant rain events. It did not take long for the State of Colorado to get on top of that, as State Engineer Dick Wolfe issued an order today, July 8, for the release of water from the lake. The water will be sent down the South Fork of the Republican River in the state’s continuing efforts to be in compliance with the Republican River Compact.

More coverage of the recent rainfall in the basin from Tony Rayl writing for the Yuma Pioneer. From the article:

Meteorologist Mark Buller with the National Weather Service out of Goodland, Kansas, said the storm was the result of the perfect combination of several factors — in other words, the perfect storm. He said the air mass was very moist, and the winds in the atmosphere that would move it along were not very strong, “so it formed and stayed there.” Buller said the strong winds were the result of the incredible amount of rain that was coming down. “There is so much rain coming down, that it drags the air down, too.” He said. He offered the technical term of “precipitation drag.”[…]

[Senior Park Ranger Bob Shade of Bonny Lake State Park] reported Tuesday that the water level at Bonny Lake had gone up 4.08 feet since Friday, equalling 4,857 acre feet. That raises the lake’s level to nearly 18,000 feet, the highest it has been in years. He added that more runoff was hitting the lake Tuesday from big rains that hit Burlington, Bethune and Flagler on Sunday, then flow to Bonny through Landsman Creek…

Shade said the state park itself received three inches of rain at the visitor’s center on the south side, 5.5 inches on the north side at the Foster Grove Campground, and four inches at the dam. “The cell just parked northwest of the lake and rained hard,” Shade said.

More Republican River Basin coverage here.

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