Red Cliff: New wastewater treatment plant update

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From the Vail Daily (Sarah Mausolf):

The town’s new wastewater treatment plant should be finished in mid-September, Mayor Ramon Montoya said. “If we had not acted on this, literally the federal government had the abilty to come in and close down the town,” he said. “That’s what I was threatened with when I first became the mayor.”

The current plant has been violating environmental regulations for 20 years, Montoya said. It had been dumping inadequately treated human waste into the confluence of Homestake Creek and the Eagle River…

Grant money will cover the $5.1 million project. R.N. Civil Construction based in Centennial has been working on the treatment plant since September…

Federal stimulus dollars from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded a majority of the project. Western Pipeline Utility Construction, based in Palisade, started work this week on repairing the pipes that transport the waste. The plant should be fully online by Sept. 15, Montoya said.

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