Summit County: Blue River residents are moving off septic systems and on to the Upper Blue River Sanitation District system

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From the Summit Daily News (Robert Allen):

Sewer service expands into Blue River this month as the town of about 680 residents begins phasing out septic systems. About 100 lots are to have access to sewer service after the first round of construction ends in November…

The sanitation district’s improvements there includes installing a lift station and other equipment for the sewer. Construction is to then proceed south through the Mountain View and Sherwood Forest subdivisions. The district awarded the $800,000 contract to Stan Miller, Inc. Carlberg said the Blue River sewer expansion is to include about 670 lots over the next 10 to 12 years, depending when subdivisions want to connect. Service and connection costs are deferred until people have connected with the system.

In other sanitation news, the district’s $34 million treatment plant expansion at Farmer’s Korner is on track for completion as early as next summer — earlier than a previous projection of December 2011, Carlberg said.

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