Expedition Blue Planet makes a stop in Fort Collins

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Here’s a report from Sarah Jane Kyle writing for the Fort Collins Coloradoan. From the article:

The expedition is the first by Expedition Blue Planet, a partnership between [Alexandra Cousteau’s] nonprofit Blue Legacy and National Geographic, through North America. Jonathan Smith, Cousteau’s business partner and the producer of Expedition Blue Planet, said the tour hopes to focus more on the work local organizations do throughout the region. “One of the things we really wanted to do was not just engage people and say that there are water issues we need to think about, but we wanted people to plug into local organizations that we thought were real champions of some of these issues,” Smith said.

After researching many local organizations throughout North America, Smith said the nonprofit Save the Poudre campaign kept resurfacing. Cousteau and Smith decided to bring the expedition to Fort Collins to get a closer look. “We kept coming back around to not only Save the Poudre, but what was going on in the Poudre,” Smith said. “It was a really compelling thing for us… we want people in these communities not just to see our work but to plug into these local groups.”

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