Energy policy — nuclear: New nuclear power plant in the works for Pueblo County?

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“The world needs energy,” [Don Banner], a local attorney, said in outlining his plan Wednesday. “The United States is behind the eight ball when it comes to nuclear energy.” Banner has formed a corporation called Puebloans for Energizing Our Community LLC to develop a plan that would solicit bids to build a nuclear power plant. The plan includes a way to divide a portion of the anticipated profits among community groups…

Banner has contracts to buy 25,000 acres of land southeast of Pueblo for Colorado Energy Park, which eventually could support nuclear, solar and wind energy projects. It’s the nuclear portion that holds the potential not only to fill a gap in national energy production, but to help the community as well, Banner said. “Wind and solar energy will never be the primary sources of electricity,” Banner said. “From what I’ve been told, the most that would be tolerated on the grid is 27 percent.” Banner is convinced nuclear energy is the safest form of primary power generation, both in terms of industrial accidents and secondary health impacts. It also would reduce the amount of carbon emissions compared with coal, gas or oil energy production.

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  1. I have heard he is working with a Don Gillispie at AEHI. This company seems to be a scheme based on press releases to push up the price of the stock. The possibility of a green field nuclear power plant being built in the US with the current low price of natural gas is almost zero.

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