Weld County: Recap of agricultural tour aimed to educate residents

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From The Greeley Tribune (Meagan Birely):

On Friday, the Chamber of Commerce Agricultural Committee brought farmers and city folks together to learn about the process, product, procedures and problems of sharing water. The tour, “From Desert to Oasis: The story of how irrigation transformed the plains of eastern Colorado” took a busload of people around Weld to look at different places impacted by and using different irrigation systems…

Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, who serves on the Legislature’s agricultural committee and is running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District, said the tour was very eye-opening to the role Weld plays in the world’s food supply. Garner said it is not only important for him personally to be educated on the matter but to continue to educate others as well. “We in agriculture have got to do a better job in educating our city citizens,” Gardner said. “We get 70 percent of our oil from overseas. I would hate to see that much of our food come from overseas.”

More education coverage here.

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