2010 Colorado elections: Scott McInnis makes a stop in the San Luis Valley

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Update: From the Valley Courier (Ruth Heide):

During his [McInnis] previous tenure in public service he sat on natural resource committees at both the state and national levels, he said…

He criticized state legislative measures that took money away from the Colorado Water Conservation Board and Branding Board. He said those funds should be used for the projects for which those boards were set up, not to supplement other programs in the general fund…

When asked how the state could address projected water shortfalls in the future without drying up massive amounts of agricultural land, McInnis said agriculture is essential to the health of this state, and rather than dry up ag lands to provide water for future growth, Colorado needs to look at alternatives. He suggested additional water storage and pointed to a doctoral student’s project that proposes to draw water from the Flaming Gorge through Wyoming to the Front Range. “That’s the kind of answer that’s going to be our future,” he said. He said the cost of such a project might run $5 billion, but the cost could be spread over time. “It’s an investment we must make,” he said.

From The Pueblo Chieftain (Matt Hildner):

While none of the 180 in attendance at the conference publicly questioned McInnis about the [“Musings on Water” – gate], he did get asked about water. He said it was critical for the state to find more water storage to supply the Front Range with water. “You can’t dry up farmland,” he said. “There are other options.” McInnis has backed Northern Integrated Supply Project, which would cost $426 million, build storage near Fort Collins, and prevent the dry-up of roughly 25,000 acres, according to its designers.

He also backed the proposal from Aaron Million to pump water from Flaming Gorge Reservoir on the Utah-Wyoming border back to the Front Range. He noted that the project’s $4 billion price tag was an investment of the same magnitude of Denver International Airport.

From TPMDC.com (Eric Lach):

When given a list of other potential candidates, 64 percent of GOP voters picked another candidate. When asked who they thought would make the “strongest Republican gubernatorial candidate,” McInnis came in second with 19%. The top vote getter: ex-Rep. Tom Tancredo, with 29%. Of the 1,181 registered voters contacted last Thursday, 73% had heard about the plagiarism story. Thirty-seven percent of GOP voters think McInnis should drop out.

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