Colorado River: Grand Diversion Dam history

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A while back Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs told a crowd in Silverthorne that, “The water ditch is the basin of civilization.” Here’s some history of the Grand Diversion Dam, from Kathy Jordan writing for The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. From the article:

Whether driving east or west on Interstate 70, a traveler can’t help but notice the magnificent roller dam spanning the Colorado River about eight miles upriver from Palisade. This diversion dam has supplied the lifeblood of water to farmers in the area since it was completed in 1918.

More Colorado River Basin coverage here.

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  1. My grandfather Percy Amos Hoff help build this dam and the aquaduct tunnel near by. The story goes, that he was the man at the lead of the tunnel when each end met and he reached through and shook the hand of the guy digging the other side. I stopped and got some great pictures of it today. It is a beautiful dam.

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