2010 Colorado elections: Cory Gardner makes a stop in Sterling

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From the Sterling Journal Advocate (Callie Jones):

He also talked about why he ran for state legislator, because he felt rural Colorado and agriculture didn’t have a strong enough voice in the legislature. “The people weren’t represented in Denver the way they should be,” he said. “I can see the same thing happening in Washington, D.C.,” Gardner said. “We’ve got to let people understand what it takes to run a business, to live in rural Colorado, to operate a farm or ranch, to have that water that we need that is truly the life blood of this state.”[…]

He also talked about water issues, saying more water needs to be stored on the South Platte River.
“We have got to store more water up and down the South Platte River, so places like Sterling and Logan County can continue in viable farming and agriculture for generations to come,” Gardner said.
He also said NISP (Northern Integrated Supply Project), up near Fort Collins and Greeley, needs to be built “to make sure that we have the water storage necessary to keep the buy up and dry up of farms from destroying agriculture as we know it.” He noted that at one point last year more than 4,000 CFS of water was flowing out of the South Platte River and into Nebraska that legally and rightfully belonged to the people of this state, to put toward a beneficial use. “If we can put that water here, think what we can do in places like Morgan County, Weld County, Adams County,” Gardner said. “Where we can once again allow people to start using their water, to turn on their wells, and make sure that we have those opportunities to keep places like Sterling, Colorado, vibrant for generations to come.”[…]

“I am an ‘all of the above’ energy supporter,” he said “If we are going to grow our economy, if we are going to make sure that families continue to live affordably in the United States and Colorado, we have got to adopt an all of the above energy policy, and that means that we take a look at exploring for new avenues of traditional resources like natural gas, like oil, like coal.”

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