CWCB: The draft State Drought Mitigation & Response Plan is ready for public comment

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Here are the Public Review Draft 2010 Drought Hazard Mitigation Plan, Annex A, Annex B and the Appendices.

From email from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (Ben Wade):

The State of Colorado’s DRAFT Drought Mitigation and Response Plan is now available on the CWCB website for public comment. The Plan was comprehensively revised to comply with the FEMA’s 3-year planning cycle. The revision process has resulted in a State Drought Plan that uses state of the art planning techniques to prepare Colorado for drought. The mitigation plan, the response annex as well as the associated appendices will be available online until August 20th.

The plan also includes a groundbreaking vulnerability assessment of state assets as well as various sectors affected by drought. The methodologies, as well as the state asset section, are available for your review now. Please check back early next week for the individual sector specific chapters.

Please direct all comments to Jeff Brislawn at by close of business on August 20th, 2010. Should you have any questions regarding the plan or public comment period please contact Taryn Hutchins-Cabibi at the CWCB’s Office of Water Conservation and Drought Planning at 303.866.3441 ext. 3231.

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