Colorado River: Possible alligator sighting near Palisade

A picture named americanalligator

Update: From (Ashley Prchal):

Wednesday, a group of kids playing near the water at Riverbend Park raised the alarm when they say they spotted an alligator on the bank. They say their parents didn’t believe them, but a bystander did. “Everybody thought we were crazy. These ladies said we must be blind or seeing things. But this guy saw it too and he saw it go into the water. And he was trying to tell everyone we weren’t being crazy. We really did see it,” says Josie Brumfield.

From (Tami Brehse):

Police say a woman called in and said she saw one swimming in the river near her dog. They didn’t find any sign of the gator on their search, but they say that doesn’t mean it’s not out there. “I’m not saying there was an alligator, I’m not saying there wasn’t an alligator,” says Officer Stephen Tonello, “but I will say the witness seemed credible.” The woman said when her dog went in the water, the alligator swam over by the dog. She called her dog out, then the alligator flipped its tail and swam downstream.

2 thoughts on “Colorado River: Possible alligator sighting near Palisade

  1. Was there a slide area where the gator entered the water? I’m not saying no gator exists but the bank should have had a tell tale slide mark in both reported sightings. Tail drag marks? We in Colorado might not be aware because gators are not “native” to our State but absent a good picture, what other evidence besides “seems like they were telling the truth” is there?

  2. I was on the Amtrak on my way to Grandjunction on Aug. 31 and seen one crawl across a sand bar enter the water heading for shore.

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