Southern Delivery System: Pueblo County plans to hold Colorado Springs Utilities to the requirement not to use SDS to move water out of basin

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From The Pueblo Chieftain:

“Any use of SDS to take water out of the basin is a violation of their 1041 permit,” County Commissioner Jeff Chostner said Wednesday…

Chostner was referring to news reports that Colorado Springs may sell excess space in the SDS pipeline to other users, including the Woodmoor Water and Sanitation District in northern El Paso County. “Any uses of SDS water to supply Woodmoor would be a violation of Colorado Springs’ permit,” Chostner said, noting that such a violation would be grounds for the county revoking the SDS permit. The reason for concern is that part of Woodmoor, an upscale housing development near the El Paso-Douglas County line, is outside the Arkansas basin. But in applying for its land-use permit to take water out of Lake Pueblo and through Pueblo West, Colorado Springs pledged not to use SDS to deliver water outside this basin.

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