U.S. Drought Monitor update

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From CattleNetwork.com:

The southwest monsoon surged into most of the Southwest, dumping 2 to 4 inches of rain on southwestern Texas, most of New Mexico, east-central Arizona, and southern Colorado, reducing or eliminating short-term dryness (D0A) and trimming away D1 where over 2 inches fell. In southern Colorado, however, even though 1 to 2.5 inches fell, it was not enough to overcome accumulated short and medium-term deficits, and D0 remained. In contrast, the monsoon has failed to reach into western and northern Arizona and southern sections of Nevada and Utah. This region doesn’t receive a lot of monsoonal rain (normally 1 to 2 inches in July), but gets enough to support the growth of summer grasses. With the lack of rain and reports of very poor pasture and range conditions, D1 was expanded across much of northern Arizona. Abnormal dryness was slightly extended into southern Utah, southern Nevada, and western Arizona. Last week’s D2 in northeastern Arizona was repositioned northwestward to better represent the area with reports of lingering long-term drought impacts and minimal summer rains (northern Navajo and northeastern Coconino counties).

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