CoH2O LLC is shopping water to the Cherokee Metropolitan District

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From The Colorado Springs Gazette (R. Scott Rappold):

District officials recently signed a letter of intent, saying that if Kessel proves he can deliver the water, they will buy it, even while their manager and other water providers in the area remain skeptical that Kessel can get the 8,000 acre-feet he has promised.

“This water is relatively close [Horse Creek Basin of El Paso, Lincoln and Elbert counties], and we’ve got some work to do to get them to the point where they’re comfortable with the water, and I don’t blame them (for being skeptical),” Kessel said. “We would hope that once we get this pipeline in the ground the other districts in the Pikes Peak area will see the light and say, well, we need some water too.”

I couldn’t find the Horse Creek basin in the designated groundwater basin list on the Colorado Groundwater Commission website. If you know what they’re talking about would you post in the comments?

More groundwater coverage here.

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