Silt: New water supply for Silt Mesa?

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From the Glenwood Springs Post Independent (John Colson):

The [Silt Water Conservancy District] was formed in 1957 to conserve and develop water resources within its boundaries. It operates Rifle Gap and Harvey Gap reservoirs, with related pipelines and other facilities, primarily to deliver irrigation water to farms and ranches.

The district also provides water “to augment individual domestic wells” within district boundaries, according to the letter.

The water table underlying the area is recharged mainly through “flood irrigation and seepage from unlined ditches,” according to the letter. But even so, some residents “need to truck domestic water to refill cisterns during certain times of the year” because their wells can’t do the job.

The availability of well water may worsen, the letter cautions, if the district goes ahead with efficiency improvements, such as enclosing existing ditches in pipelines and switching to sprinkler irrigation.

According to Dan Cokley, an engineer with the Schmueser Gordon Meyer engineering firm and project manager for the water conservancy district, the proposed new water system would serve about 500 residential properties. The coverage area, he said, is from approximately the north side of Silt Mesa Road to an area north of Harvey Gap. The water lines would be separate from the town of Silt’s water system.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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