Drought news: June among the driest on record for Grand Junction #COdrought #ColoradoRiver


From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Paul Shockley):

Coming off one of the driest Junes on record for Grand Junction, there are dim prospects for change for the beginning of July, according to the National Weather Service in Grand Junction. As measured at Grand Junction Regional Airport, the city recorded 0.01 inch of rain for the month just ended, well below a normal value for June of 0.45 inch, National Weather Service senior forecaster Chris Cuoco said. “We’re certainly down there for one of the driest June’s on record,” Cuoco said. “(Saturday) had some of the first raindrops I’ve felt in the valley in quite a long time.”

As dry as the past month registered, June 2012 recorded trace amounts of rain, he said. Don’t look for change anytime soon. “We have the slightest hint of precipitation for July 7 and July 8, but certainly it’s not something we’re banking on yet,” Cuoco said. “We’ll be watching it and hopefully we may see a little bit of moisture coming out of the south.”

Despite the dry June, Grand Junction is still wetter year to date compared with last year. The city has recorded 3.42 inches so far of the year, still below the normal value of 4.29 inches. At the same point in 2012, Grand Junction was almost 3 inches below normal. “April helped us out quite a bit,” Cuoco said of this year’s total.

From the Pikes Peak Courier-View (Pat Hill):

Owner of Becky’s Bovines and Brews in Highland Meadows in southern Teller County, [Becky Sandefur] runs a dairy business that offers fresh milk and homemade cheese from the 80-acre ranch. For the past several years, the enterprise has been self-sustaining. Until now. With one of two wells going dry, in addition to a dry pond and another gradually evaporating, Sandefur has reduced the herd to five cows and a bull. Nonetheless, she has her fingers crossed that the five will produce calves in January. The well supplies water for the household but the pond nourishes the livestock that includes five horses. “If something happens to the pond, I’m finished,” she said.

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