The drought has the City of Durango pumping from the Animas to supplement supplies #COdrought


Click on the thumbnail graphic for the streamflow graph from the Animas River at Durango since April 1. Here’s a report from Jim Haug writing for The Durango Herald. Here’s an excerpt:

However you do it, the city of Durango would like you to cut back your water usage by 10 percent…

The city’s terminal reservoir is currently about a foot below the level it should be. Officials would like to maintain it at maximum capacity so the city can respond to crises such as wildfires or a sudden loss of water.

For most of the year, the Florida River is sufficient to meet the city’s needs with a daily supply of 5.7 million gallons, but in summertime, the city’s average of daily water usage is 9.5 millions gallons. The reservoir must be supplemented with water from the Animas River.

The city has three water pumps at Santa Rita Park. Since the peak water usage day of June 22 when the demand reached almost 14 million gallons, the city has been able to use only one pump because the water level in the river has gotten so low.

Because of the drought, water from Florida River is expected to diminish to 5.2 million gallons a day…

City officials think voluntary measures might be sufficient to get through the season. Asking people to voluntarily decrease their water by 10 percent is “thought to be a first good step,” said Steve Salka, director of utilities. “These are all small changes, but they will help us maintain the water level in the reservoir.”

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