Colorado Springs: Mayor Bach wants to elevate Parks to permanent favored water rate status over other rate payers

Colorado Springs circa 1910 via
Colorado Springs circa 1910 via

From The Colorado Springs Gazette (Monica Mendoza):

Mayor Steve Bach’s proposed 2014 parks budget is counting on a reduced water rate from Colorado Springs Utilities so that the city can water its parks at the same level it did in 2013. Bach’s budget seeks to spend $2.6 million on water in 2014. If the city cannot negotiate a lower water rate with Utilities, the city would need $1.3 million more – money that is not in the budget.

Council members Val Snider and Merv Bennett said the council is in discussions with Utilities about a reduced rate for the city, which started in 2010 under a pilot program…

What it means: The proposed park budget assumes Utilities would continue a discounted municipal water rate. The discounted rate applies during what has been called the irrigation season, from May to October. It would not apply to year-around watering.

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