‘The Town of Fraser is locked in an epic battle with beavers on the Fraser River’ — Reid Tulley

North American beaver (Castor canadensis)
North American beaver (Castor canadensis)

From the Sky-Hi Daily News (Reid Tulley):

Dams have caused flooding on portions of the Fraser River Trail, closing the trail for longer than three weeks.

Other municipalities would just exterminate the creatures for damaging a town asset such as the Fraser River Trail, said Town Manager Jeff Durbin. But according to Durbin “we take a more friendly approach in this community.”

The town isn’t in the business of beaver brutality, he said, and doesn’t necessarily want to remove all of the beavers from that particular section of the river.

What the town is planning to do is to “strategically remove” the beavers causing the biggest problems. This process involves bringing in trappers to capture the beavers alive and relocate the rodents, according to Durbin. The process of live trapping and relocating the beavers also requires the approval of Colorado Parks and Wildlife to ensure where the beavers are relocated can sustain the animals.

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