Drought news: Much improvement in Colorado over last year

Click here to go to the US Drought Monitor website for the current skinny on drought. Here’s an excerpt:

The Plains
Precipitation in northwest Kansas allowed for improvements to the D3 conditions. In South Dakota, D1 was pushed out of eastern portions of the state as well as along the southern border with Nebraska. D0 conditions were also improved along the border with Nebraska. In Nebraska, the D0 and D1 conditions were pushed to the south along the entire northern border. A full category improvement was made in the panhandle of Nebraska as a further of assessment of recent precipitation events has the area recovering on multiple time scales.

The West
The wet pattern continued with upper elevation snows and lower elevation rains in both Colorado and Wyoming. In Colorado, D1 was improved in the northwest and southern portions of the state and into northern New Mexico. Wyoming had widespread improvements as a reassessment of the last few months of precipitation prompted improvements to the D1 and D2 in the southwest portion of the state and a full category improvement in the northeast.

Looking Ahead
Over the next five days (October 24-28) temperatures are expected to be below normal over the eastern half of the United States and above normal over the West. With a trough setting up over the East, temperatures will be 6-9 degrees Fahrenheit below normal over the Ohio River Valley and 3-6 degrees above normal over the Southwest. Precipitation over the next 5 days is projected to be greatest over the Great Lakes and east Texas as most of the country will remain dry.

The CPC 6-10 day forecast (October 29-November 3) has the continued chance of below-normal temperatures centered over the central Plains and extending over much of the central United States. Temperatures are expected to be above normal over Alaska and in the Southeast. The best chances for above-normal precipitation are over the Ohio River Valley and covering much of the eastern two-thirds of the country as well as Alaska. Precipitation chances are trending below normal in the Pacific Northwest.

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